Migrating into a new bullet journal

April 2, 2017

Dear readers, the situation is critical. After five months of loyal services, my very first bullet journal has come to an end!

However, the sadness is quickly replaced by the excitement of starting a new notebook!

For my new bullet journal, I picked an A5 dot-grid Leuchtturm1917 notebook. I chose their 100th anniversary metallic limited edition copper notebook.

To decorate it, I stuck a black matte vinyl sticker on the cover, bought online from Elfina Graphics.

Getting ready for the migration

Before throwing yourself at your shiny new notebook, take some time to prepare the migration.

The first thing I did was to go to my index and mark out all the pages I wanted to include in my new bullet journal.


I then created a “in my next bullet journal” page on which I wrote down all the spreads I wanted to migrate and added the new ones I wanted to include.

In my next bullet journal

With a pencil, I noted the page number I was planning on putting my different spreads. For example, if you want your key on the first page of your new bullet journal, put a “1” in front of “key”.

This page has also been the occasion to review what worked and what didn’t. This way, I’ve been able to focus on the pages that were really useful for me.

Migrating pages and collections

Once well prepared, you can start migrating your pages.

Be careful though! Timing is important. If you start migrating your pages too soon, you could be tempted to abandon your previous notebook too soon. If you start the migration too late, you’ll be left with your old notebook without any pages available and your new one not ready.

Key page

Even if I keep the same key, I still wanted to have it at the beginning of my new bullet journal.


Annual calendar

When I started my first bullet journal, I did not make an annual calendar. I wrongly assumed that it was useless. It turned out that on several occasions,  this overview of the year was needed.

Annual calendar

Calendex / Alastair method

I have to admit, I copied this from Boho Berry : a mix between a Calendex and the Alastair method.

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I don’t need a 12-month calendex as I rarely plan beyond 4 months, so I’ve built a 5-month Calendex combined with the Alastair method of the next months.

Savings and birthdays

My fiance and I are trying to put some money aside. It may seem a bit silly but being able to color a new box to note down every little saving is motivating and it helps to fill our piggy bank up!

As for the birthday page … no explanation is needed; we all need a reminder to not forget someone’s special day!

Other pages

I will not go into details, but I also migrate other pages I need (ideas for the blog, lunar calendar …)

Monthly pages

My first bullet journal will be completed by the end of March, so I started with my new Leuchtturm1917 in the month of April. I keep the same organization : monthly log,”one day a smile”, “plan with me challenge” and mood mandala.

Weekly pages

The only thing left to do is to set up the week you’re gonna start your new bullet journal with and you’re all done!


Starting a new bullet journal doesn’t have to be a constraint. Take some time to prepare yourself and your new notebook. Focus on what’s important and try to anticipate (but not too much) by planning the migration. And what’s best than a bullet journal to plan the set up of a new bullet journal?


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