Plan with me : February in my bullet journal + “watercolor effect” tutorial

January 25, 2018

February is just around the corner and my bullet journal is ready for it! For this month, I experimented a new technique I discovered on Boho Berry YouTube Channel. This post has two goals : show you my monthly pages for February and explain how to create a watercolor effect with water based pens.

February in my bullet journal

February introduction page

As usual, the first monthly page is a cover page for February. Instagram and Pinterest are full of illustrations featuring light bulbs. They are just light bulbs but I really like how aesthetic those drawings look. To add some color to it, I used Boho Berry technique which transforms  Tombow Dual Brush Pens into watercolor.


Monthly log / habit tracker

Monthly log and habit tracker
Monthly log and habit tracker


My monthly log is pretty simple. I’m using a vertical calendar to log my important events of the month. I use the same layout every month so I play around with different lettering and colors. For February, I created a header composed of a nice cursive font and some pastel colors (tutorial for this watercolor effect at the end of this post).

Monthly log
February Monthly log


My habit tracker for February is pretty much the same as last month. For each habit, I made 28 boxes (for 28 days) split into two lines. If the task is done at the end of a day, I color the corresponding box. Simple but efficient!

Habit tracker
Habit tracker of February

Mood tracker & Instagram tracker

Mood tracker and Instagram tracker
Mood tracker and Instagram tracker


Once again, my mood tracker is exactly the same as the one of these past few months! The page is divided into two columns. On the left, I write down a few words about the day. The right part is composed of 5 boxes corresponding to a scale from 0 to 5 (0: very bad day ; 5: awesome day). I really like having a written record of why I was feeling good or bad.

Mood tracker
February mood tracker


I’m trying to keep a certain consistency with my posting schedule for Instagram : on average one picture every two days. I use a simple vertical calendar to write down what pictures I plan on posting and report the number of “likes” each picture gets after two days online.

Instagram tracker
Instagram tracker

Tutorial : watercolor effect with water-based pens

I really enjoyed creating nice headers with this technique! This is really simple but the watercolor effect is gorgeous and adds a nice touch of colors to the pages!

Before you get started

Just some advice before you get started :

Train a few times before doing it in your notebook. The biggest difficulty is to add the right amount of water. If there’s too much, the paper will be damaged. If there’s not enough, the final product won’t be satisfying.

⁃ Test the technique at the end of your notebook. The paper is usually thin and not really resistant to water.


You’ll need :

Water-based pens such as Tombow Dual Brush pens
⁃ A ziploc bag
⁃ A spray bottle with some water
Paper towel

Watercolor effect
Watercolor effect supplies

The steps

Step 1 : after you chose the pens you want to use, apply some color on the ziploc bag. Create a pattern with the different colors. Apply them close from one another.

Step 2 : spray a little bit of water on the bag (not too much or it will “attack” the paper). Use a paper towel to absorb the excess of water.

Step 3 : flip the bag over and apply it on the paper.

Step 4 : rub the ziploc bag with your fingers to make the water blend with the ink.

Step 5 : use paper towel to gently tap over the paper and remove the excess of water. Don’t rub it or it will remove all the ink or damage the paper.

Step 6 : let your piece of art dry before you write or draw on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I really hope that my February pages will bring you some inspiration for future spreads in your bullet journal.

What about you? Is your bullet journal ready for February? Also, let me know if you would like more tutorials like the one in this article. If have any requests, feel free to ask!

Supplies used in this post

Daycraft A5 dotted notebook
Tombow Dual Brush Pens
– Black Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen B
Tombow Mono Drawing (03 and 05)
– White gel pen Uni-Ball Signo



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February in my bullet journal


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