2018 : new year, new bullet journal

December 27, 2017

Can you believe that 2017 is already behind us? New year means new resolutions, new beginning. Wether you’re a newbie or a real pro, a bullet journal needs to be prepared for the new year.

Don’t throw yourself at your notebook just yet. Take a moment to analyze the situation.

Choose your notebook

First of all, you need to determine if you’re going to set up a new notebook or if you’re going to keep the same as last year.

If you’re barely halfway through your current notebook, maybe you don’t need a new one.

But you can see the new year like an occasion to start fresh and being able to stay constant with your bullet journal as one of your resolutions.

I personally decided to start 2018 in a brand new notebook (there were about 30 pages left in my old one)

I’ve chosen a gorgeous Daycraft notebook from their “Art Deco” collection.

Old and new

What pages should I start with?

Once you decided on what notebook you’ll be using as a bullet journal, you need to determine what will be the first pages.

If it’s your first bullet journal, my advice is to start with the basics (key, index, future log, monthly log).

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If you’re familiar with the bullet journal method, you know what your needs are. Go through your old notebooks to see what pages you need to have at the beginning of a new year.

If you’re moving into a new notebook, make a list of everything you want to migrate and include all the pages you want to add at the list.

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On my side, I decided a few months ago to have my collections in a separate notebook. I was tired of migrating my collections from a notebook to another.

Collections and bullet journal

If you’re moving into a new notebook, you might want to determine your pages order in your 2018 bullet journal. Take the list of pages you made earlier. This way, you’ll get all the pages you want at the beginning of your notebook before your first dailies.

Note : even if there are no rules about the pages order in a bullet journal, I like to have a logical organization at the beginning of it.

Tip : to be sure not to forget any page, use some sticky notes to create an outline of what your notebook should look like. I found out about this method on Claire’s blog Minimal-Plan.

Bullet Journal 2018

Let’s go!

Once you’ve got everything ready, you can start to create your 2018 pages!

My 2018 bullet journal

The first spreads of my 2018 bullet journal are the usual pages : an index, a key (even though I use the same bullets since I started bullet journaling).

I introduced 2018 with an annual calendar.

Bullet Journal 2018The next spread is the most important element of my bullet journal : my Calendex! A Calendex is an alternative version of a future log. If You’ve not familiar with this method, please read my post about future planning.

I usually fit 4 months in a bullet journal so my Calendex is built on 4 months. I also created a mini future log for the following 4 months just in case I need to plan an event after April.

The next pages are related to work. I won’t post them here but they are really important to me and I need to have them at the beginning of my notebook.

And that’s it! Your next task will be to set up your January monthly pages. To see mine, please read my next article.


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